2 weeks ago

Stephan Bodzin

Out now!

Out now!


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Will there be a Vinyl release?

The king of house music live🔥🔥🔥

Magic !! 😍

See tou soon in Dubaï at blue marlin ibiza uae 🇦🇪 🔥🔥

Stephan bodzin please repress "power of ten" vinyl LP😉 A lot of people are looking for it!

Stephan God-zin

all ready in my collection same as catamaran Stephan Bodzin 🙂

A Vinyl release is planned ?

Come back to Hardpop this year Stephan Bodzin

Back to the roots mit 80er Jahre multiart sound. Gefällt mir 😉.

and what about 12"?

Viel wichtiger ist, warum die Vinyl noch nirgends gelistet wird.

Out last week, already played in club by Oxia this week end ! 🙂 love it !!!

Lo domenge vens a dinar o no? Va que farem paella!

Forget Allah & God, pray for Bodzin

See you in Valencia next month, counting the days!!!! 🙌🏽🖤

moogporn !👌

12in wax?

Fantastique EP !

¿Vos sos Dios?

You are true genius Stephan!

It is astonishing...

Die Ep ist Mega! Wann kommt das Album?

Schon längst gekauft! 👍🏼

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3 weeks ago

Stephan Bodzin

Australia Tour
30.12 - Lost Paradise, Glenworth Valley
31.12 - Beyond The Valley 2017, Lardner
01.01 - Let Them Eat Cake, Werribee

Australia Tour
30.12 - Lost Paradise, Glenworth Valley
31.12 - Beyond The Valley 2017, Lardner
01.01 - Let Them Eat Cake, Werribee


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come to italy! please

Deine Pläne über Silvester haben sich soeben geändert, Andrea Seydel 😀 Der Stephan kommt!


And theeeeeeen? Brown alley afterparty? Any afterparty after Cake?

Come to Mexico broooo!!! Pleaseeeee

Anna Madej polecam wariata

Franziska Beckmannabflug bitte

No Sydney city show 😞

Meta 😃😘

Julien Grillo Alexis Hugounenq

Tanguy LP

Cédric Maf

Ismaël Bedrani Djouf

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Afterlife 009 Vinyl is out now!


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Diogo Borges, caso ainda estejas indeciso. Depois deixo-te ouvir. 😂

voyage Stephan Bodzin mix plzz ❤️❤️

Simon Rust lass direkt bestellen! 😀


Mijn held ❤️

Ese track es de otra galaxia😍


Awesome post! Thanks for sharing.

Good job my friend! 👌

Bought today 😑

Grandioses Artwork!

Lelie Hannam hint hint 😜😜

Tim Gore buy it

Молодец Стёпа



Auf Afterlife? Wie geil ist das denn! Gute Kombi. 👍

I want

Comprare Alessandro

Alex Bayer 😍🔊🌀

The masterpiece ❤️

Charles-Hubert Carré Gabriel Béland Antoine Cuillerier

Julien Louis

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1 month ago

Stephan Bodzin

My new EP on Afterlife is out today!
Get your copy here:
Moving images by Daniel Rossa


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That was great to hear this track for first time on the Audioriver festival in Poland! Huge thanks Stephan huuuge!!!! 😉

Finally!!! We have been waiting too long!

Is anyone know where i can found the vinyle ? thxs

En serio esperé demasiado por tu canción Strand desde que la escuché cuando la tocaste en Recistencia Miami este año, me enamoré de ella valió la pena comprarla es tan hermosa y tan sublime <3 gracias sigue produciendo tremendas obras de arte para nuestros oídos ¡¡¡

Fatzy Kerdoudi it was indeed smthg for afterlife if you remember stephans video in the studio 🙂

Lo puso Cattaneo en su Set la segunda noche que toco en Cba , terrible Track 💣💣💣👏🏼👏🏼

Joe Glynn.. Headphones on man, Volume up, Eyes closed = NGHTDVSN ADE 2017!!! Bring on the next one!!! Stephan Bodzin #Legend

Strand music is the favorite for me! it will be my eternal favorite! thank you Stephan!!! 👏❤️👏

I know because it’s just gone in the basket for next gig!! Can’t wait to drop this. Stunning

Luv Luv music is def the answer! And you Stephan Bodzin are my key 🤗🤗😎

gekauft! Stephan Bodzin bitte hau die nächsten auch schon raus <3! Kann man bei dir auch Sub 37 Unterricht nehmen 😀 ? :*

Pablo Guillermo entendu un dimanche aprèm à dour si jme trompe pas

Also der Catamaran holt mich hier viel mehr ab als Strand 🙂 Aber von beiden kommt für mich keiner an die PoT Tracks

Martin Jose Rom Mélina Max Je suis plus là mais on perd pas les bonnes habitudes !

Stephan Bodzin Whooooooooooooooooo.. Love.............. You are..... A master of sound and take me away to bliss....All the time.. Thank you.x

finally, man that is awesome. Full support, just bought it on Beatport.

loved it, can't wait to be in one of your sessions

Ufff it made me remember Kerberos some years ago. ✨

Cyril écoute ça on dirait un peu toi mais en mieux quand même 😂 #caTape

Geil mein Freund 😉 Freu mich schon wenn wir uns Wiedersehen.

Plus je l’écoute et plus je la trouve fantastique. Un travail incroyable a été fait sur la basse. Je trouve le Moog Sub 37 formidable. Merci pour cette track Stephan. 🙏

GOOSEBUMPS!! 😍 I've been waiting for this gem to be released for more than half year 😌

Thanks for this amazing music!

the one and only!!!!!!

An actual Artist that I would spend my money on hearing their new stuff. Absolute genius producer Brendan O Connor

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2 months ago

Stephan Bodzin

South Africa Tour
01 - Olmeca Presents Stephan Bodzin Live - Cape Town
02 - Olmeca presents 18 Years of Truth ft. Stephan Bodzin Live
04 - Rage Festival South Africa

South Africa Tour
01 - Olmeca Presents Stephan Bodzin Live - Cape Town
02 - Olmeca presents 18 Years of Truth ft. Stephan Bodzin Live
04 - Rage Festival South Africa


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Seriously mate when are you coming to the UK?

We can't wait! #wearemusicpeople

I’ve following you for many years! Me, my wife and my best friend had one of the best vibes of our lives. This is so peculiar.

Yes!! ❤

are we there yet?

👏👏👏👏 awesome

Cant wait!!

Marco my recommendation ☺️

Zip Zap 👌👌👌

Uriel Biton שלא תגיד שלא אמרתי

You thinkin what I'm thinkin 😏 Raven Macke

Perchita Perkins

François Relo Slp 😮

Neil Roshan Macpherson


Costa rica ?

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2 months ago

Stephan Bodzin

Thank you Argentina 🙏🏻 🇦🇷 ...


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Bodzin is blowing up! Can't think of guy more deserving. So much shit out there. Refreshing to see someone who clearly loves making music and is hugely skilled at it

Lo que me hizo sentir tu música es inexplicable.... viaje por un montón de sentimientos encontrados ... no Sólo la música trasmite alegría sino también melancolía...

What is that main device he’s using?

I dont understand ppl when they talk shit and they say lately solomun is becoming like david guetta how the fuck cab u compare this minimal genius with commercial shit guetta comw on Bodzin ❤

Thanks to you, thanks for the amazing night and the amazing music. I hope you come back again. Love the amazing track

That bass and lead combo...stunning!!

Que manera de erizarme la piel.. de hacerme desconectar de todo y disfrutar el terrible show que nos diste.. volve pronto Bodzin ❤👐😎

Nils Nivo schon wieder nicht da gewesen man, Argentinien ist doch nicht so weit 😂

Vous la sentez monter la hype venue de Morlaix MJ Nicolas

Lorenzo questo andrebbe seguito ogni volta che mette piede in Italia😂🤷🏽‍♂️✈️

Can't wait for December 8th!

Volvé que ya te extrañamos 😣🙁 Genio fuiste el 1 de la noche 💣💃🎉 Bodzin 💟

I'm still waiting for your live in Mondo, Madrid.. Next year maybe??? You're are God. 🙌 🙌

Stewart Meston wouldn’t you like to rub his bald head?

Un distinto !! Sin dudas te llevaste la noche!! Volve pronto por favor !!! Graciasssss

Ronny Malouf stop tagging people in shit. Where all blokes and only go to shit like this to pick up a slut with no morals then hit it back to the room blessed with some bags. I’m not that person anymore. I’ve changed

Damien McLaughlin trip to Belgium on 10th Feb for an all night gig? Another country to tick off also

Se questo tignuso viene tu cammini con me 😍💦💣 Federica

Todo bien, pero yo veo que aprieta botones, mueve perillas y el track sigue exactamente igual. Mucho circo este pelado

Cada año espero con ansias cuando viene a pinchar 🙌🏼❤️

Tomas Sauaia lembro de vc quando escuto as musicas dele hahaha

Renato Moniz é este senhor que só dá música para meia dúzia de gatos pingados não é? 😋

Skip, irgendwann müssen wir beide den mal gemeinsam feiern. Finde ich.

Andrea uno di quei dischi che ti fanno venire la pelle d’oca..

Abi would not mind seeing him 👀

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2 months ago

Stephan Bodzin

Preview of Catamaran!
Part of my upcoming EP on Afterlife.


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with all due respect – this reminds me of david guetta... 🤨

Thank you for the are our idol..seen u in Beirut and ADE and we will be seeing u in other countries as well..u r the master🎧

Du bist einfach nur genial - die Musik ist Gänsehaut pur und dazu Deine Passion für die Musik: Mimik, Gestik.... macht einfach Spaß zuzusehen und - hören Immer weiter so Bitte @ Stephan Bodzin

There is a face in his sweat on the t shirt

Was this in Mediahaven?

Stephan Bodzin du gehst so steil ab 🙂 es ist eine wahre freude dir zuzusehen und deine coole musik zu hören 😀 hammer!

PierreManu VelásquezNicolasSergeyRym on part sur du très très lourd sur son prochain album olala 😍😍😍

You ever listened to this boys stuff Dave Edie👌🏽👌🏽

Brouk Coco faut absolument qu on se fasse une de ses dates .. c est un tueur

Am I tripping or is there an image of Jesus in his sweat stain on his back ? Lol

This dude is fucking sick with it. PLEASE COME TO MOVEMENT THIS YEAR!!!!!

Genius❗️I was in Barcelona (Afterlife), Ibiza (Pasha Live).. over & over.. Will never get tired of Bodzin amazing music & Vibe! 🙏💣🚀💥🌓

Arran Jones Chris Proffitt look arran! It's a catamaran! Haha reminds me of isle of wight

Brendan Laing how good is bodzin at btv going to be

Marcelo Costa. Esse cara tem problema mais que psiquiátrico.....kkkkk.

Soufiane had siyed bzaf wlh maymken Ta nssifet lik louz dialo nzehik chwiya 😀

Tom Fowler god damn does this man ever stop!

Maquina este tio David Hidalgo Murillo, si no veo mal en todos sus videos actuales hace "lives" en directo y son impresionantes

Thomas Wargent you’d shit yourself if you heard this live

Jack Fernihough guy thats playing at let them eat cake this year i wss talking about

Jason Wykes egg blaster live we have to go and see him

Marjolein Marianne Mark we moeten hem toch echt nog een x live zien...

Isaac Fryar by the beard of Zeus!!!!

Anthony VD Jb Carletto lui dès qui passe dans la région on y va! 😍😍😍

Alexis, Helene, Manon, Delphine, Cindy Biard... je savais pas que mon beau père était DJ en son temps libre 😂😂😂

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