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Stephan Bodzin

Last weekend in Australia was truly special! ...


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For all who want to know the name of the songs. 1st is "Birth" then mixing into Odyssee. But I want to add following:. The released track titled "Birth" Isn't as brilliant without that melody the Stephan Bodzin adds @ live performances. Listening to "Birth" without those tunes leaves one wanting for more 😉 I wish Stephan Bodzinn releases this track remixed as his nature intended. - The LIVE version /Dj M1ND5TATE

Any news on the new album?

In 200 years, electronic music it will be considered as a musical phenomenon like the classic music and Stephan Bodzin will be the Mozart of our times

Nina Claessens do kuje een serieus ninatje doen wi zie dien achtergrond 😍😍😍😍 en stephan bodzin terwijl daje fotootje trekt 👌👌👌

Toda esa parafernalia pa romper con un bombo, un hat y una caja 😂

Niemand hat es in den letzten 26 Jahren geschafft, mich so mit seiner Obsession für Musik zu beeindrucken und zu flashen. Chapeau, i'm addicted!!!!!!!!!


ID on the first track?

So lucky to witness this live.. what a beautiful Sunday and the best sunset!

Rocío Fernandez el chabon haciendo canciones en el momento , es un pelado Jedi groso groso ... esa es la explicación de la manija colectiva del grupo jaja.

Mozart of electro ☝️🔥

Georgia Cowell Shaun Towns Jake Bando still can’t get over it like this actually happened and we were there to witness it. what a concept

Wtf.. St kilda.. I knew those palms loked familiar.. Fucken hell.. George Bang Walid HalabiHalabi I would have dragged you there if I knew this was on...

Link to full video please?!? 🙌🏾❤️👍🏽

Bodzin love from Pakistan you are the best and your venues are literally awesome ❤

Amazing, full control crowd!! And magic sunset!!

-MOOG- just the most beautiful instrument in the world 🔊🎶😍

This was so so so bloody good last weekend!!! A musical genius!! Good on ya Bodzin!! Nailed it. And yes, that sunset is real 😎😍🤩

Can’t wait to see you in Tulum. I’ve been waiting 14 years for this moment.

look at that viewwwww jeeezzzzzzzzz goosebumps

Good to see this is actually live and not mimed like so many artists these days... 😍

Is this a new track ? if not which one is it ? (the one at the beginning, not the one coming with the voice)

Jean michel jarre was making this kind of stuff 30 to 40 years ago lol

Warehouse collective Bodzin was sick, but that sunset is amazing!!

This Moog sound never gets old 🙂

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2 months ago

Stephan Bodzin

ADE 2018 with Audio Obscura was truly special! ...


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Nico Wickersheim, nimm dir schon mal für 2019 frei!

Kim Breeze

Mattia Bona

Jordan Reeves

Stephanie Weninger Douwe Slootman

Oceane Jqt

Marwan Kandar Carole Gh Bahaa Gh Peter El-Hachache

Vital Maes

Sathiyen de Bruyne sicke edit

Kevin Townsend

Ibrahim M. Asmar

Brothers. Energíe et bonnes vibrations. !!

Thank u for that amazing night 😍

Name track?

Ed Miller

That's was just 4 hours simply amazing of your music universe.

Pitou Doux


Bester Track den ich je hören durfte steck so viel Gefühl und Emotionen einfach Wahnsinn dieser Bodzin ♥️

Maarten Derksen ziet er toch wel uit als een feest hoor 😉

Dennis Hutten Holy fuck.. check die locatie 🤩

ich liebe es🔥♥️

Iain McGowan how did we not go to this

fits your music, it's special aswell 😀

Mozart electro !

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3 months ago

Stephan Bodzin

Upcoming Shows
16.11 - EAST Festival, Montevideo
17.11 - Get Out Festival, Lima
24.11 - TOFFLER FESTIVAL, Rotterdam
01.12 - Contact Festival Munich
07.12 - Metro Club, Perth
08.12 - The Warehouse Collective, Sydney
09.12 - Smalltown, Melbourne
14.12 - La Fabrica, Cordoba
15.12 - The BOW, Buenos Aires
16.12 - Dixiland, Mendoza
27.12 - Mondo Disko, Madrid
28.12 - AZAR Club, Lyon
29.12 - Skopsko Kale, Skopje
30.12 - Hangar, Belgrade
31.12 - HYTE NYE, Berlin
09.01 - Afterlife, Tulum


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Cupetreski , Boban , David , Slavko

Lima 🤘

Stephan Bodzin @La Belle Electrique, Grenoble! Please come to Portugal! 😁

Jacket Schroder 09.12

Mexico city pleaaaaase 😭❤️

Stephan Bodzin are you coming to Skopje or no?

Даниела Ристова

Don't tease us like this Stephan! Please come

Yeah Montevideo !!! Long time been waiting to see you, it will be a magical night.

Berlin 💙

Gracias por el Get out en Lima esperamos tu regreso con ansias ! Hope u to come back♡

Mélissa Gourlin on va devoir retourner au Azar 🙄

Tulum 🤙🏻

Lima <3

Recien llegue de la East con gusto a poco Bodzin un fracaso y kalkbrenner mejor no digo mas lo demas todo relleno.. vinieron a llevarse la guita

Name of the track ??????

Zdravo Belgrad 😊

Name of the track please !

Brazil 😞

India anytime soon please!!!

Y la Ciudad de México cuando?! Se canceló tu presentación en Ultra😭

Gracias genio de los genios!!!! Por pasar por bs as ARGENTINA!!! Lloro de alegría te amo bodzin haces vibrar mi luz ♥️🤩🔥

the real shit!

Johan Walter il vient au Azar en décembre !

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5 months ago

Stephan Bodzin

September Dates
06 - Afterlife, Ibiza
14 - Secret Location, Antwerp
15 - Oasis festival, Marrakesh
17 - Pyramid Ibiza
21 - Electric Brixton, London
22 - Electric Brixton, London
29 - DGTL Festival, Tel Aviv

October Dates
04 - Afterlife, Ibiza
05 - NAME festival, Lille
06 - AHM, Beirut
13 - Ultra Music Festival, Mexico
14 - Secret Project Festival, Los Angeles
19 - Audio Obscura x Stephan Bodzin at Scheepvaartmuseum (Sold Out)
20 - Awakenings ADE, Amsterdam
20 - Artplay, St. Petersburg
29 - 3Arena, Dublin


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Ya hay fecha 🙈 13 oct Martha Patricia González Rodríguez

Viene a brixton Giandrea Mulargia

Faycal Talal Réda Saad El Idrissi Azz Elarab

Alex Brown

Can't wait to see u, lots of love from Tel Aviv 😍😍

Thanks so much for excellent performance! Was nice to see you up there with our mayor 💙💙

St. Petersburg whaaaatttt ❤️

In what Time you play in ultra México???🤘🎶

Amr Magdy welad kalb ehna😂

I have 1 ticket for stephan bodzin, I will sell it in person in Amsterdam

Any dates in CA other than 10/14 LA? 🤞🏼🤞🏼😊

Stephan Bodzin T👽CH NO 🎵 Thanks for sharing !!!

Any dates for belgium ?

Why u don’t play in Mexico at Ultra? 😞 i just came for you

Magic! Great Stephan Bodzin 😀

Seen you last night at the 3 Arena. I did not know you before, my apologies, but I loved your music so much! Hope to see you again

And Marseille?

rebirth OCT 6 <3

Sólo por pocos fui a Ultra México, uno de ellos eras tú! 💔😥

Apartheid Israël??! What a SHAME!!

Playing DGTL Tel Aviv. What a shame: a dance fest on top of destroyed Palestinian villages with a segregated audience, showing the “prettier” face of apartheid and occupation. So much for the non-political Tel Aviv bubble. Boycott, boycott, boycott! #BDS

Why did you not play ultra, came to ultra to see you and matador but you were both were not there 💔

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5 months ago

Stephan Bodzin

4h LIVE in Amsterdam!
Event: Audio Obscura x Stephan Bodzin at Scheepvaartmuseum

4h LIVE in Amsterdam!
Event: Audio Obscura x Stephan Bodzin at Scheepvaartmuseum


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Jad Arafe 4hrs rja3 rouh 😅😅😅

Är detta möjligheten som väntat på oss Olle

C'est déjà sold out 😭


Looking for 6 tickets if someone want to sell 🙏🙏

Sold out😳😔😢

David Stg Toni Mac 😳🙏🏽 Wenn ihr wollt, bin sofort dabei!

Vlad Buds let's go to Amsterdam hahaha

Jane Blersch ab nach Amsterdam oder?

How is the sound in the locker area? Thinking about ordering 2-3 big ones and building my personal vip area ^^

New album incoming ?

In the pocket😍

Manolo Doda θα συναντήσουμε τα στρουμφακια να ξέρεις!!!!

Carine Tomassian 4h layover in Amsterdam on your way back to the states? meet you there.

Caro du wolltest ihn doch mal live sehen, Freitag von Dresden nach Amsterdam und dann Feuer frei 😝👌

We will be there 😀🙌🏽🖤

4 places à vendre pour 19 octobre


Jorre Jansen doa wil ich hear🙌

Dany Benitez Maria Garrido Calderay Miyassa Amarti Hamete Maanan 🙏 no hay entradas una pena!! Peeeero algún día inshaallá 💪😁

Can’t wait☺️

Suche 3-4 Tickets wenn jemand was anzubieten hat! Looking for 3-4 tickets!

Boris Dedobbeleer on peut carrément aller là et ensuite à une autre soirée ahah

Yan Vra passed on to you darling!

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6 months ago

Stephan Bodzin

Thank you for that special moment!Stephan Bodzin playing his unique live set 10000 feet high in the mountains at Schilthorn Piz Gloria for Cercle. Subscribe our channel for more videos: http:... ...

Video image


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Guilherme Saad da uma atenção nisso quando tiver tempo, o pico é ridiculo

Most complete electronic artist of our time.

King Bodzin 🙌🏻❤️

This was my best streaming experience this year by far!! Genius Stephan 👏🏻🙌🏻✌🏻

The pink Floyd of techno. Godzin is a machine

In the next stop in Athens give us Heaven.Thank you so much for this azazing LIVE🙏🏻🖤

if there would be heaven that would be it, you playing in the middle of the sky during sunset! glorious set and scenery! thank you ps: loved how you bowed to the sun <3

Jono McKeown you need to watch this set. It's absolutely unreal

Pure genius... A true musician, producer, genuine Master of electronic music ! Such an appropriate setting for you Stephan ! 💪🏼 Come back any time... (PS: Nathalie, tufèche... 😁)

Thank you for that special moment, I was so happy to catch it live! Best location by Cercle

Marc Winnewisser Fürä guet Stressabbau: Eine vode beste DJs woni kenne😎👍 sogar ufm piz gloria. gruess

Seeeee yooouuuu saturday on the beach !!!

These tunes belong in the mountains! 😮😮😮

Actually best live set in the word mr bodzin rulezzz

Thank you for the Magic Stephan Bodzin!

Amazing sound in a wonderful place Congratulations 🎉🎈

Stephan Bodzin ... thanks for all the music you re giving us !!! 😘😘😘

Sthepan is magic dj, numer one produccions!!! We see you soon in aquasella!!!!


That was magical, I ran across this fell in love with your music! Can’t wait to catch you Secret Project.

Oh wow! That looks just amazing. Although I think something must have happened with my invite as I never got them? Oh well, maybe next time, right Stephan Bodzin ?

This way of playing live is very difficult.Sound of Sub37 crazy.thanks Mr Bodzin for making us dream

Absolutely no words 😵😵 love this guy!!

Awesome Bodzin and the place!!!😇😇👌👌👌

you are one of my favorite artists .. thank you for your music + inspirations <3

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6 months ago

Stephan Bodzin

Dour Festival ...


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Jojo Francis zieht euch das mal rein 🤩

Bryce just your normal rookie kinda stuff

Cazzo!!!.....sembra che un moog fa un "Threesome" con cassa e clap. ....tanta roba anche se è tutto in pre-set è cmq spettacolare (bello pure l'effetto sulla drum station tipo "super delay casinista"

Looks like a wide screen video of a crowd.

Da brauchst ja ein Fernglas als Artist um die Stimmung zu erfassen 😂

Paula Bhrito just in love with this!! This is the best motivation!!

Phillip Heckel we need to see the moleman live

Tainah Oliveira esse aqui ce tem que ir em alguma festa dele, o melhor de todos

Master for ever. What a piece again you are serving here ! ❤️😱 #EmbraceMusic

The first underground experience we never forget. Your song always reminds me that the beautiful isn't in the finished, but along the way

After those many years and hundreds of are still amazing and unuque.

Deep into the unknown of the unconscious..

Karl this is what we missed in CT🤦🏻‍♂️

That tune sounds awesome man - really looking forward to seeing you in London!!👌😎

Polak potrafi

La musiquilla me recuerda a nuestros amigos con cajco Roberto Julio

I don't like

any chance to downlaod the set somewhere?

Сижу на гироскопе, жму педали... Народу нравится, его качает...

His energy is on another level

Name of the controller?

Karl love this guy!

Kevin Lo Bald ist Pollerwiesen. Das wird ein Fest 😎😍 Und diesmal kommst du auch mit Mimi

Camila Oliveira se você não gostar disso eu bato na sua cara

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